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Arundhati Sinha Female, 29, Single
I am from Silchar,presently staying in Delhi,will move to Banglore soon. Currently I am working in an MNC company.I am in search for a good match who could be a friend,hubby , and a caring personality
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Deepali1912 Female, 26, Single
Looking a suitable match for my younger sister. She has completed her Masters in commerce and pursuing Management course in Human Resources. Also working in a MNC
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sksinha Male , 35, Single
smart, cool, handsome,straight forward, caring etc. working at Road/Bldg. Infrastructure as OM/Admin.
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sweetjanvi Female, 32, Single
What to say about me... :p
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sanatomba.singha Male , 22, Single
Eigi punc yam wana leli ema babana matik chaba thabak taohaodabana macha eikhoidasu awaba fangli . Setnaba firon 2 suna setpa fangjarakte. Nongju thada . Satin paiduna ahing lalakhi yum kai natai cha
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